Cooling method of film blowing machine

The film produced by the film blowing machine is suitable for all kinds of high-grade film packaging. This film can be widely used in light and heavy packaging due to its good barrier properties.

2021-05-25 764

Development of Blown Film Machine

With the rapid development of industrial science and technology, the blowing film machine has also mastered the skilled manufacturing process, but compared with the advanced technology level, there are still gaps in some aspects.

2021-03-08 945

Uses of lab cast film machine

The film of lab cast film machine is widely used: it can be used as a base film for sanitary products and daily products, such as disposable gloves, shoe covers, shower caps, sleeves, apron, surgical clothes, cleaning clothes, tablecloths, umbrellas, shower curtains, etc.

2021-01-11 1045

XiHua Lab Two Roll Mill Testing Machine

Xihua provides various experimental machines, lab two roll mill, Lab twin screw extruder, Lab Film Blowing Extrusion Machine,lab film stretch machine.

2021-01-05 543

Lab Film Blowing Machine Performance And Application Range

XiHua specializing in laboratory equipment, such as lab two roll mill, heat press machine, cast film machine, Lab blown film machine, filter testing machine etc.

2020-12-16 471

What Is The 4-inch Lab Two Roll Mill? What Are Its Characteristics?

Abbreviation for open mixing mill. A rubber mixing machine with exposed rollers used in the rubber factory to prepare plastic rubber, compound rubber, or perform heat refining and molding.

2020-12-14 388

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