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This Lab Blown Film Machine is mainly used to test the feasibility of blown film of polymer materials and the state of the resin in the material,as well as the dispersibility of colored dispersion,control mixture and extrudate.

Product Description

Product Application of Lab Blown Film Machine

1) Application: PE, modified PP, modified PET, and other plastic materials which could be blown.
2) New material formula development.
3) Film blowing property test.
4) Master batch color dispersion test.
5) Optimization of blown film production technology.
6) Production of simple layer tubular film blowing.

Specification of Lab blown film machine
Screw diameter25 mm
Screw L/D33:1
Screw rotating speed0-95 rpm
Main motor power 2.2KW
Film thickness0.02-0.2mm
Max film width180mm
Power supply380V/50Hz/3 phases or customerized
Control systemSIEMENS PLC touching screen control

Main Features Of Lab Blown Film Machine

1) Specially manufactured screw and barrel to guarantee precision and quality;
2) International brand variable speed control motor to precisely control the screw rotating speed;
3) The lab blown film machine frame can be electrically lifted, which is easy to lead the film and adjust the production technology;
4) Equipped with retractable unit for the blown film frame to easily transport and move;
5) SIEMENS touching screen PLC control system.

Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Control System 

Brand: Siemens PLC control system

Main Features

Name: Blow film die

The diameter for the die is 25mm.

Machine Parts

Name: Observation window

You can observe the presence of impurities in the film and observe the dispersion properties of the material.

Main Features

Name: Testing film samples

Producing department
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