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Lab twin screw extruder is suitable for mixing and processing experiments of engineering plastics,modified plastics,waste plastics,and masterbatches.It has homogeneous,plastic coloring,filling modification functions.
Product Description

Twin screw extruder Application

Lab twin screw extruder is suitable for mixing and processing experiments of engineering plastics, modified plastics, waste plastics and masterbatches. It has homogeneous, plastic coloring, filling modification functions.

Under the action of heating, mixing, shearing, plasticizing and compacting the exhaust, the material is plastified into a uniform melt, and extruded under the twin-screw and extruded through the nose into round strips. The long strips after being cooled by water in the cooling water tank or after being air-cooled, then pelletized by a pelletizer to obtain plastic pellets.

Technical Parameter
Applicable materials
PP, PE, PS, PET, TPE, etc. 
Screw diameters
Screw speed
0 - 300rpm
Screw L/D ratio
1 - 10kg/h (decide by formula)
Cooling device
water cooling
Cutting device
Power supply
380V/50Hz/3 phases or Customerized
Control mode
SIEMENS Touching Screen PLC control

Twin screw extruder Features

1) Adopting international brand variable speed control motor to precisely control the screw rotating speed.
2) The 3D processed geometry screw elements maintain uniform gaps and achieve very good self-clean and precise plasticizing effect;
3) Using parallel two-axis high speed high torque gearbox to make the extruder applicable for more than 95% materials' compounding and extrusion technologies;
4) Emergency stops and devices to protect safety of the operator;
5) Optional side feeder for special materials, e.g. glass fiber;
6) Optional forced feeder to increase stability of feeding;
7) Optional liquid feeding equipment;
8) Optional gravimetric feeder.

Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Control system


The equipment adopts SIEMENS PLC touching screen Control System. Some important data such as melt temperature, melt pressure, screw speed are displaced instantly. It is easy to be operated. 

Main Features

Name: Screw
Brand: XIHUA
Original: CHINA

Co-rotating twin screw.

Machine Parts

Name: Three hole die
Brand: XIHUA
Original: CHINA

The material extruded through the die into strips. The long strips need being cooled by water in the cooling water tank.

Main Features

Name: Testing samples

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