Development of Blown Film Machine

With the rapid development of industrial science and technology, the blowing film machine has also mastered the skilled manufacturing process, but compared with the advanced technology level, there are still gaps in some aspects. If the film blowing machine is to achieve rapid development, then it must Absorb the advanced technology level, let the film blowing machine develop in a new direction.

A special fresh-keeping film blown out by the film blowing machine, using advanced technology, enables fruits and vegetables to be stored for a long time. This kind of cling film is composed of a nylon semi-wrapper transparent film. This film is almost transparent and has good water permeability. A certain amount of sand syrup is placed in the interlayer to gently wrap the surface of the object. This film It is necessary to ensure that the environment is not harmful, and at the same time, strong water permeability can absorb the moisture of fruits and vegetables to achieve the purpose of preservation.

This special raw material requires the blown film machine to have high-end traction and drawing capabilities to ensure the toughness and breathability of the product film. Food packaging is the most applied field of film. The high-end film blown by the hammer can be used for product rated packaging promotion and increase commercial value. .

At present, the popular packaging on the market is mainly based on plastic and paper. The blow molding industry, which is based on plastic film blowing machines, has a relatively large proportion in the market. However, as the requirements for the paper industry become more and more stringent, environmental protection and energy saving The new index has raised the threshold of the paper industry, resulting in the expansion of the cost of the paper packaging market and the increase in prices, which has increased the share of plastic packaging in the market, stimulated the development of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry, and promoted the development of film blowing machines. Advance at a high level.

With the deepening of science and technology, the film blowing machine will continue to be updated and updated, and will play more roles to promote the plastics and packaging industry to the high-end. China is a large manufacturing country and has an advantage in scale, but in the development and production of high-end equipment, domestic plastic machines have not yet reached the international level. The domestic film blowing machine relies on a huge consumer group, and the market prospect is promising, but the development of high-end is a development trend that the film blowing machine must face.

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