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Two Roll Mill
The lab two roll mill machine is suitable for mixing and dispersing polymers such as rubber,raw materials of engineering plastics,pigment and masterbatch.

Product Description

Product Application

The lab two roll mill machine is used to uniformly mix the raw material and additional agents for testing and apply the experiment results and its ratio in the production line to satisfy the requirements of quality and color specified by the customer.

XH-401CO-160 Technical Parameter
Mixed capacity
1-2kgs or designed
Temperature of the roller
Oil heating room temp ~ 250℃
Precision of the control temp
+ -2℃
Heating mode
Oil heating
Revolution of the roller
Dual-frequency limitless speed change
Speed ratio of the roller
Roller pitch
0.1~10mm adjustable
Size of the roller
Φ160mm*L350mm or designed
Safety device
Many touch-type emergency stoppers
1 HP 2 sets
Power supply

Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Roll

Brand: XIHUA

Original: China

Alloy steel roller,High wear resistance, no deformation, high overall hardness, 0-to-0 grinding

Rubber and plastic is different. We will suggest the roller to you according to your material

Machine Parts

Name: Control Board
Brand: XIHUA
Original: China
It adopts Japanese RKC, LED temperature controller and high precision sensor,

Accurate and stable temperature

Speed of roller are easy to control by two frequency converter.

Machine Parts

Name: Safety Device

Brand: XIHUA

Original: China

Protective cover ,Safety Lever and Emergency button

Machine Parts

Name: Mold temperature machine
Brand: XIHUA
Original: China

Fast heating rate, high working efficiency, accurate temperature distribution, temperature error up to ±1℃.

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